The Reep Group has quickly become the fastest growing network of Vehicle Detailing and PPF Studios in the U.K. With this growth comes opportunity for talented individuals who are looking to develop their skills in a unique environment. With 8 centres currently operating around the UK, Reep is the largest employer in the industry and now is a great time to join the party!

Reep Midlands is the largest centre in the group and offers the widest coverage to customers across both the East/West Midlands, up to South Yorkshire and down to as far as Buckinghamshire.

Due to our growth in 2017, we are regularly on the look out for talented individual who want to join the family

We would like to hear from experienced Vehicle Wrappers, PPF Installers and experienced Detailers/Valeters to join our expanding team.

“We are a group of young and dynamic professionals which has created a working environment unlike any other. Our very sociable calendar includes regular team building events, company holidays, while our quarterly go-karting trips will bring out the competitive streak in you!”

Pete George / Pri Chauhan
Joint Managing Directors
Reep Midlands


Work at Reep Midlands
The Reep Midlands Promise

We strive to actively develop your career by:

  • Assisting you to build a Personal Development Plan for success
  • Ensuring you have a clear understanding of your role and the nature of the expectations of your key stakeholders
  • Providing feedback and recognition through regular performance and development discussions
  • Providing reward, recognition and incentive programmes designed to celebrate success
  • Coaching you in the behaviours that lead to success within our environment
  • Giving you access to our training programmes and sponsored continuing education options

Our Visions and Values

In sharing and living our values with new team members and frequently revisiting them individually, we will maintain our focus, professionalism and dedication to ensuring that these values are upheld.

  • We create training and development opportunities
  • We only recruit the highest quality people
  • We aim to be inspiring and motivating
  • We broadcast and celebrate our success
  • We encourage innovation
  • We always ensure that our team has a smile on their face throughout the day!
  • We make the environment a fun place to be
  • We challenge convention through our ideas and vision
  • We help employees manage their work/life balance
  • We provide career development and internal opportunities

Our Culture

We believe a strong culture drives challenge, performance and positive behaviour.

The below are areas in which we have created a unique difference:

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • New Employee Recruitment
  • New Employee Orientation/Induction
  • Training and Development Plans
  • Monthly/Quarterly Appraisals
  • Rewards and Recognition Programs
  • Social Events/Team Bonding
  • Innovation Award (Staff Suggestions)
  • Management and Staff Interaction

How to Apply

We are interested in experienced candidates who are working within the car care industry now, living within commuting distance of Leicestershire, looking for:

  • A better salary package and full time employment contract
  • A more professional working environment
  • A company that will put you through training, accreditation and development courses
  • A change to build your career prospects into management or specialisation
  • A company that will up-skill and develop you

Alternatively we are all interested if you:

  • Love and have a passion for cars, we certainly do!
  • You like to wash and wax your own car religiously with pride…
  • You are a Mobile Valeter who is looking to get off the road and concentrate on the fine art of vehicle detailing.
  • You have energy and drive to make something of your life if given the opportunity

Feel free to call either of us directly for an open conversation and to discuss your credentials. Our direct contact numbers are not on the website, but chances are the most innovative, ambitious and assertive individuals will have no problem getting around this!

We look forward to hearing from you…


All applicants will be treated with 100% confidentiality.