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Mercedes AMG GT-R

17th November 2017

Hero or Villain? You decide...

One of our finest recent projects was saved for this stunning green XL Limited GT-R which was fitted with hand templated, in house designed front end self healing matt/satin paint protection film at our Midlands Studio. Now you’ve seen this all over the internet, and we are proud to have detailed this beast!

Carefully planned and installed by our Senior PPF Team, all panels were created and trimmed by hand with the results speaking for themselves.

This fine beast was prepared for our short term hire / leasing partners XL Ltd who we admire greatly for allowing their vehicles to receive only the finest preparation, before being made available for lease.

Most matt/satin painted vehicles are incredibly difficult to touch up / respray in the event of stone chips and damage. PPF solves this issue! Get in contact with Reep Midlands to discuss your options and our latest offers.

We’ll make sure to point out the invisible PPF next time!!! ????

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