Swissvax – Hand Made in Switzerland

Swissvax is a complete care system for cars. It comprises an interrelated range of cleaning, washing and care products. Like many unique products, these too were originally manufactured on a small-scale, “kitchen table” basis. The old Anwander chemist’s in Zurich served as both the laboratory and the workshop for the first tins of “Antikwachs”, using an old wax formulation for antique furniture and lacquer.

The history and tradition of Swissvax, a unique automotive and marine care system which even today still is hand-made in Switzerland, reaches back to the 1930’s.

Quality is a crucially important value to Swissvax which the company considers to be fundamental to its worldwide success. The very sophisticated internal quality standards are reflected in every detail of the Swissvax care system: From the primary products and ingredients to the manufacturing processes and quality control standards through to the finished product, its presentation, boxing

and the accessories, you can see and feel and experience the quality for which many world famous Swiss products are renowned. And from a customer’s perspective you will be delighted again and again by this outstanding quality every time you use the products.

An absolutely perfect care system – from every perspective.